HR Policies and HR Audit

HR Policies and HR Audit

We provide all types of HR policies for the companies including:

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Set of HR Policies

Get the most relevant HR policies for your business. Every business has different requirements and thus the policies should be tailor-made as per your requirements. It’s always advisable to focus on policies from the beginning so that there are no later challenges in terms of differential treatment of people and consequently the exit of good talent.

HR Audit

HR Processes

There are various processes that every organisation must have a standard framework for like Recruitment Process, Training Process, Performance Management Process, Exit process etc. We help you create the standard documentation for all these HR Processes, so that the entire organisation becomes process dependent and not people dependent.

Compliance Audit

Letters, Formats and Checklists

We help you with standard Letter templates, Formats and Checklists for your day to day HR operations. This all comes as one package. We even help the HR understand these points and resolve any queries that they have


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