World is moving towards Psychometric Assessments!

With businesses being agile and smart, it’s time that companies become lean and right sized. With this in mind, companies are now moving towards smart hiring and smart appraisals. Organizations want to hire only right talent and that too in first attempt! Nobody wants to waste any efforts by hiring a wrong candidate. At the same time a fact of life is that in a 45 minutes interview, going to every aspect of personality of the candidate is just not possible! So what’s the way out? Come to the psychometric assessment as solution!

Ok, so what is a psychometric assessment? Tell me more!

A psychometric assessment is a way of understanding the inclination, mindset, beliefs, values, working style, strengths and current limitations of an individual. This can help the organizations find the important hidden aspects of individuals. Companies may use this in turn to check the applicability of a participant for the desired role. So they can use this tool at several occasions like hiring, appraisals, fast tracker identification, etc.

Finally in Indian scenario, this approach seems to be very important right now with ever-growing competition and with tight budgets.

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