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Eminent Consultants is the best Salary Structuring Company in India. With over 13+ years experience in salary structuring and restructuring services, we have an extraordinary expertise and hands on experience to provide you the current industry benchmark salary restructuring solutions so that you retain the best talent in the most Optimal way.  

We have PAN India Database with reach across all industries, sectors and segments. We follow complete scientific process and always have had a great record of timely delivery.

13+ Years Experience

We have over 13+ years experience in salary restructuring in India.

100% Geuine Data

We have 100% genuine data accross job roles in all business verticals in India.

'Right' Salary Structure to Retain Talent

Get current salary structure trends so that you retain the best talent at economical prices.

Ethical Process

100% ethical process with assurance of confidentiality as per NDA.

Your Organisation Needs Salary Restructuring Solutions if

Then Connect with Eminent Consultants for the best compensation restructuring solution for your organisation.  We have right experience and expertise to solve compensation related issues in the least possible time.

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Our Salary Restructuring Services at your Disposal

compensation benchmarking services

Pay Mix / Fixed to Variable ratios

Get Pay Mix / Fixed to Variable ratios for your employees.

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Ratio comparisons and suggestions

Get Company Ratio comparisons and suggestions on pay composition

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement in Chennai

Components for Tax optimisation

⁠Components for Tax optimisation while keeping in mind the net take home

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Short and Long Term Incentives

Learn about the Short Term and Long Term Incentives for your employees

right payscale

Merit Model Creation

⁠Linking of the Merit Model with the increments and incentives

correct salary in india

Devising a formula

⁠Devising a formula for company, group, project, individual, economy and compare ratio based incentives

compensation benchmarking standards

Revisit the band structure

Revisit the band structure and analyse any scope for betterment

benchmarking of salary

Talent Retention Packages

⁠Best benefit packages to help you retain your talent

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Standard Hike Percentages

Get the market standard hike percentages for your industry


Attractive Salary Structure

Make a robust, rewarding and attractive salary structure


What Makes Us So Special ?

We don’t provide just any generic data. Rather we provide you the option of comparing your organisational roles to those of specific competition.

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Our Presence in India

Eminent consultants salary restructuring services are available to companies of all business categories in India. Our compenstation restructuring solutions help companies to identify and decide the right salary structure as per industry standards.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Best Talent in your organisation needs the following four things:
  1. The right compensation
  2. The right treatment
  3. The right working environment
  4. The right Career Progress mechanism
and if you see systematically, the answers to these challenges are as follows:
  1. The right compensation - Solved by Compensation Benchmarking and Salary Structure revamping
  2. The right treatment - Employee Engagement Survey for feedback of how they feel and are they getting treated well?
  3. The right working environment - Employee Surveys to know any problems in current work environment and what could be done better?
  4. The right Career Progress mechanism - Competency Mapping, Learning & Development, Band Formation and refinement, Benefit packages, Entitlements, Rewards & Recognition
This way the best talent can be retained, good talent can be attracted and employee attrition can be controlled.
Employees are productive when they feel the following:
  • The workplace is conducive for them to implement the best things
  • The right infra, facilities and tools are in place 
  • Their ideas even if appear to be silly are welcome at workplace
  • Their Managers coach them, understand them and take care of them
  • They are paid right
  • They have a great career development path or opportunity in this company
  • They have a great team and supporting team members
  • They get rewards for their best efforts
  • They get the right recognition 
  • They are creating an impact in the real time world by their work
So an employer needs to provide the things mentioned above in order to have better productivity. The way is simple and is through the right engagement of employees which can be initiated through a survey to identify where and what lacks in the current setup and then working towards it.

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