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Welcome to Eminent Management Consultants

With 270+ Corporate Companies served, Eminent Management Consultants has many brand names and proven track record to its credit. With a strong focus on your ROI - your Return on Investment, we strive to provide best quality solution within the timelines that are promised. We always work to provide most economical solutions as we understand very well that we can grow only if our clients grow!

We provide various HR and Business Consulting Services including Performance Management System (Appraisals), Competency Mapping, JDs and KRAs making, Compensation Benchmarking, Salary Structuring, Corporate Training, HR Policy Making, Psychometric assessments, Sales and Marketing Consulting and more...

We are a knowledge driven organization with focus on services that can add value to your organization. At the backend, we do a lot of research, global trends analysis, knowledge sharing to arrive at best solutions for your organization. We as consultants offer you a rich experience of handling hundreds of client companies from various sectors and fields. By virtue of our experience, we know what may work and what may not work for you... So trust us and save your time, money and energy!

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Why Us?

Our main aim is to offer best-in-class HR consultant services to our valuable clients.

  • Focus on your ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Rich experience of consulting hundreds of client companies and several MNCs
  • Quality delivered! Every single time!
  • Tailor-made solutions based on research and experience
  • Economical solutions to benefit you
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Best Service

Who we are

10 Years back, Eminent was started with an objective to cater to the ever-growing demand of companies to find the right solutions from Management perspective. We started helping our client organizations making their workspaces happier and better places to be. We helped companies in finding the right balances in their hiring, policies, processes and strategies. A lot has changed since then. We have lots of clients added, we have happy team members, many success stories. However, something that has not changed is the continuous pursuit of providing the best and world class solutions to our client organizations! That's why our research team continues to explore better trends, processes, statistics, balances and patterns that can help you be at the front and beat the competition.

Today we stand with some niche services that are not only rare but are way ahead of what general services providers are offering. Today we have our own psychometric tools, our own survey formats and our own ways of conducting assessment centers. Thus we can assure you of Tailor-made solutions with quality, everytime!

Core HR Consulting
Employee and Customer Surveys
Psychometric tests
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