Competency Mapping

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If an organization only goes by the results given by employees then it’s going only by the past and is not considering the future potential of employees. To understand what an employee is worth or capable of, the company must resort to Competency Mapping. Competencies are the qualities that enable an individual to perform better in the given job. We help the companies identify various behavioral, technical and functional competencies that are needed to perform various roles. We also help the organisations with the level of expertise of competencies that is ideal for employees to excel at given roles. In the second stage, we help the companies evaluate the Competencies displayed by individuals performing the roles. We provide outputs in terms of competency gaps and Training Need Identification or Training Need Analysis.

Advantages of Competency Mapping
  • Analysis of potential of employees
  • Identification of Fast Trackers
  • Identification of Next Line Managers
  • Succession Planning for various Roles
  • Better Performance Management
  • Professional and Personal growth of Incumbents
  • Better and precise Hiring by Competency Based Interviewing