Employee Satisfaction Survey / Employee Engagement SurveyY

The new age organizations have a great task in front of them, i.e. retaining the best of the employees who are pillars to their great growth. As Darwin’s principle talks about the survival of the fittest, similar is the case with the Companies that are maintaining high growth in the market because of higher retention rate of their employees. One of the key measures to maintain the high growth of the company is to time and again launch employee surveys to find out the pulse of the employees.

Why Employee Satisfaction Survey?

Employees form the most important part of the organization nowadays. As organisations are becoming more and more knowledge oriented, it is becoming utmost important to stop the brain drain that happens when a knowledgeable employee leaves the company. There are many more benefits including the ones mentioned below:

  • Knowing the pulse of the Employees
  • Knowing the scope for improvement in the company policies.
  • Identifying whether the hygiene and motivational factors are well maintained within the company
  • Finding how are the managers fulfilling their responsibilities
  • Finding if employees are happy with the leadership and the overall direction of company
  • Finding out whether the employees see their growth in this organization
  • Finding out which employees or segments are the most dissatisfied and why
  • Discovering the hidden facts that employees wouldn’t share otherwise
  • Knowing which stage of the engagement are most of the employees of organization
What is the Difference between Employee Satisfaction Survey and Employee Engagement Survey?

An Employee Satisfaction Survey identifies the level of Satisfaction of employees which is more easily achievable. However, employee engagement survey attempts to identify whether the employees are really engaged with the organization as their own organization. On one hand where Employee Satisfaction Survey determines whether most employees are satisfied with policies, processes, managers, facilities, direction etc of the organization, on the other hand employee engagement survey actually finds out whether the employees treat the organization as an essential part of their life, whether they are in the organization for much more than only money, whether they take ownership, are emotionally attached and much more.

Difference between generic Surveyors and experienced Consulting Experts

It is obvious that you can’t ask one liners to employees or team members about whether they are happy or engaged. In fact it takes a lot of efforts to understand the company perspective, nature of business, scale of operations, sector, average educational degrees of employees and much more to figure out the exact tailor-made questions that suit one particular organization. Hence it takes a specialist to launch the survey and perform the analysis.

The specialist consulting organisations like Eminent Management Consultants have many years of experience in the field and hence know about many differentiating factors like the exact length of survey, exact time that people tend to share, methodologies to get excitement across in people, mechanism to get the correct answer through meticulously made questions, creative aspects, real difference between forming a satisfaction and engagement survey and much more.

Further it’s not just the survey that matters, but what matters is the analysis of pain areas and the possible solutions for those. This really requires much experience in the consulting field to cater to various challenges that get discovered from the survey and suggest the possible solutions to the organization. A good consulting partner like Eminent Consultants does not only provide the analysis but also provides the solutions and plan of action for bridging the gap between the desired and current. Further these plans are timely executed including various engagement initiatives, learning workshops, policy improvements, performance management system, OD interventions and much more. That is where the real needs of the organization gets solved.

Hence it’s always advisable to go with the specialized and experience consulting partners.

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